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When: Saturday, 10 AM

Traditionally WordPress has been all about text, and a bit of pictures, however the world is now multimedia. Podcasting functionality is built into every copy of iTunes, every iPod and iPhone, and works great even on devices not from the land of Jobs.

Dan will be talking about the theory and practice of podcasting and how to apply it directly to WordPress using his plugin PodPress.

Dan Kuykendall Session Leader: Dan Kuykendall

WordPress blog: mightyseek.com

Dan Kuykendall is the author of the famous PodPress plugin, generally regarded as one of the best ways to podcast with WordPress. Dan’s background is in security and he’s contributed to numerous open source projects, including phpGroupWare, qmail, and RPM Builder. He lives in California with his wife and two children.

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19 Responses to “Podcasting”

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    […] to get this done before then. One of the things I’ll be doing there is attending the Podcasting session with the maker of Podpress, which I use for podcasting. I’m looking forward to this […]

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    […] WordCamp again. This time I dragged Matt and Zach with me. Dan Kuykendall, author of PodPress, is first on the schedule, and I’m just now learning how he’s built in support for a variety of […]

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    […] Dan Kuykendall, the author of podPress, is talking about podcasting. He has a skookum mic and external mAudio box for pulling the audio in. Me, I’ve almost always used the basic audio in and a basic mic. Dan spent about $200 on gear … if you have a line in/microphone port … $15 should get you a basic headset-microphone combo and Audacity (which is one of the app I use) is free…so you’re’ there. […]

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    […] room only crowds filled the hall and the balcony during every single session, beginning with Dan Kuykendall walked people through usage of his popular podPress plug-in making podcasting with WordPress easy. […]

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    […] After being up till close to 2am I woke up at 5:30am, showered and drove to the airport to do my 10am talk at WordCamp 2007. My flight landed at 8:30am and I was picked up by my old buddy Joe Engo. After a […]

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    […] 「PodPressとポッドキャスティング」 […]

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    […] Lucky for me, it is focused on some of my favorite things. Saturday morning started out with a session about podcasting given by Dan Kuykendall, author of the podpress plugin for wordpress. I had no idea how much that […]

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