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Developer Duke-out

When: Sunday, 4:30 PM

Five developers, one stage. Chaos ensues.

Left to right: Matt Mullenweg, Mark Jaquith, Donncha O Caoimh, Michael Adams, Andy Skelton.

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5 Responses to “Developer Duke-out”

  1. The WordCamp Report » Who is Mark Jaquith? Says:

    […] The man who has been heading up the releases since WordPress 2.0 has been programmer extraordinaire and attendee 185, Mark Jaquith. Last year saw him speaking in a couple different presentations, most importantly High Performance WordPress. This year it looks like he’ll be rallying people in Getting Involved with WordPress on Saturday and then be the favored heavyweight in the Developer Duke-out. […]

  2. The WordCamp Report » The unlisted developers Michael Adams, Ryan Boren, Andy Skelton, etc… Says:

    […] very last presentation/session is a Question and Answer called Developer Duke-out. They mentioned the names of the Automattic Developers that will be there. But some are ones that […]

  3. Developer Duke-out « Daniel’s Blog Says:

    […] Featuring: Michael Adams, Ryan Boren, Mark Jaquith, Andy Skelton, et al! I don’t know much, but Lorna will hook me […]

  4. WordCamp 2007: 2 日目 | わーどぷれすっ! Says:

    […] “developer duke-out“ で、Matt が開発者の Mark Jaquith、Donncha O Caoimh、Mike Adams、Andy Skelton […]

  5.   WordCamp 2007 WordPress Developer Duke-out - One Man’s Blog Says:

    […] was the last one hour session, entitled Developer Duke-out, from the WordCamp 2007 conference conducted by Matt Mullenweg and featuring Mark Jaquith, Donncha […]

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