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Blog Monetization

When: Saturday, 2 PM

Are you interested in making money from your blog?

Jeremy Wright is the CEO of b5media, a WordPress-based blog network that has experimented with dozens of types of monetization and ads and will be sharing his experience with the WordCamp community of what works and what doesn’t.

Jeremy Wright Session Leader: Jeremy Wright

WordPress blog: Ensight

Jeremy Wright is a longtime serial entrepenur who has been involved with the business, programming, and IT aspects of the technology industry for nearly a decade. He has focused on communication-orientated ventures and reguarally consults on blogging, communication, IT, and time management. Jeremy is the author of Blog Marketing, a business book on blogging as well as as the President of b5media, a prominent blog network. Jeremy lives in New Brunswick, Canada with his two children, Evan and Alex, and his wife, Shannon.

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  1. Climb to the Stars (Stephanie Booth) Says:

    WordPress 2007: Jeremy Wright, Im in ur blogz grabbin’ ur kash! Blog Monetization

    These are my notes of Jeremy’s session. They might be inaccurate. I did my best. Reminder: you’re invited to tag my photos on Flickr if you go off to explore them.

    b5media is a large blog network. 250 blogs. Finds people who are really p…

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